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Hey there!

Born and raised in Florida, I love being outdoors in the sunshine! When I'm not engaged in research or providing clinical services, you can find me on a bike ride, posting up in a hammock, or in the kitchen. On the weekends, my husband and I like to hike with our dogs, Beau & Luke, or watch any number of outdoor sporting events. I'm an avid college football and baseball fan, so I look forward to a career that allows me to live in a college town! We've also been lucky enough to find a few friends who enjoy the outdoors just as much as us.

I also like to spend time in the kitchen testing out new recipes and cooking methods. I recently acquired a sourdough starter, so I've been intrigued by the process of cultivating and using natural yeast in recipes. To me, cooking and baking are much like science - they require careful measurement and attention to detail. So canning harvest from the garden and cooking sous vide are fun new ways to enjoy food with friends. 

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